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Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins

About this Recipe:

I have been looking a good blue berry muffin for a while now and this one made me smile! This recipe is a combination of many recipes and my own twist.

Main Ingredients:

All-purpose flour :1 1/2 cups
Whole wheat flour: 1/2 cup
Sugar : 1 cup
Vegetable oil: 1/2 cup
Vanilla Powder: 1 tsp
Baking powder: 1 tbsp
Baking soda: 1 tsp
Milk: 1/2 cup
Orange juice 1/4 cup
Eggs: 2
Fresh blueberries: 1-1/2 cups
Lemon zest : 1 tsp (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 400 F (200 C).

2. Line 12 muffin cups with paper liners.

3. In a large bowl, mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and vanilla powder; whisk until blended.

4. In another bowl, pour milk, orange juice, oil and eggs; whisk until smooth.

5. Pour the milk mixture over dry ingredients.

6. Sprinkle with blueberries and lemon zest. Stir gently.

7. Spoon batter into muffin cups, filling three-quarters full.

8. Bake muffins for about 20-25 minutes in oven until tops are golden.

9. Place rack on counter and let muffins cool for at least 10 minutes.

Published on September 16, 2008
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Prep Time
14 min
Cook Time
25 min
Ready in
40 min
5 Ratings
Average rating: 4.8

Nutrition Facts
% Daily Value

Fat  10.5 g
16 %

Fiber  1.3 g
5 %

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
2 %
2 %
9 %
4 %

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