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Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom Sauce

About this Recipe:

The mushroom sauce on its own is a very creamy and wonderful side dish. You can serve it with chicken dishes and also any steak.

Main Ingredients:

Mushrooms: 1/2 lb
Cream: 3/4 cup
Soy Sauce: 1 tbsp
Corn Starch: 1 tbsp
Butter: 1 tbsp
Olive Oil: 1 tbsp


1. In a frying pan saute mushrooms with 1 tbsp olive oil and some salt and pepper till golden.

2. Add cream and soy sauce and continue cooking on medium-low heat.

3. Cream the butter and cornstarch together and slowly blend it into the sauce.

4. Continue cooking the sauce for 5 min or until it thickens.

Published on September 29, 2008
Last edited on March 16, 2009
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Cook Time
20 min
Ready in
20 min
7 Ratings
Average rating: 4.14

Nutrition Facts
% Daily Value

Fat  11.5 g
18 %

Fiber  0.6 g
3 %

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
7 %
2 %
2 %
3 %

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